A New Life

By Randi Triant

The blurb from the publisher…

Where her sister’s life ends, hers begins.

Tibbie Dyer, an impulsive, forty-three-year-old journalist, fears there is more to the story when Sandy, her gay, older sister, drowns in a boating accident off Cape Cod. As Tibbie hunts down the four survivors, she must confront her own sexuality and strained relationship with Sandy as she finds out whether it was an accident or murder. Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the secrets behind what happened, but also in the damaged lives of everyone else involved.

Luke Blackmore, Sandy’s sexually harassing boss and the boat’s owner, remains at the Manhattan publishing company where Sandy worked. But Penelope Blackmore, Luke’s manipulative daughter and ex-vice president, has fled mysteriously to a deserted mill town with Hayden Pierce, Sandy’s photographer ex-girlfriend. Myles Small, the publisher’s former graphic designer, with his bad stammer and coke habit, is barely surviving in a rundown train boxcar near the accident scene. One by one, Tibbie ferrets out what these survivors are hiding until the shocking conclusion of what it costs her to learn the truth about her sister—and herself.

Written with alacrity and tension, A New Life crackles with the intensity of its characters and the psycho-emotional self-examinations of their dark desires that led to that one fateful day.

The details…

  • Author: Randi Triant
  • Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Publication date: June 1, 2021
  • Print length: 230 pages
  • Available formats: paperback, ebook

My thoughts…

With only her second full-length book, Randi Triant has shown herself to be the woman to watch! She has the ability to create stories that are so beautifully complex and utterly gripping, every writer should be jealous. Her first book The Treehouse generated considerable talk when it first hit the shelves, even landing a spot on AfterEllen’s summer reading list as the ultimate read. Her latest book A New Life is every bit as praiseworthy and well-worth the read.

This book is tagged as a thrilling psychological suspense, but it’s more than that. It’s a full-bodied story that examines the connections people make with family, friends and lovers, and how those connections can not be erased, even in death. The story is unique and fantastically told, but what really makes it stand out is the beginning. That first scene—heck, those fist seven paragraphs—are eye-popping and heart-thumping. Triant just nails the hook. She understands how to grab her readers’ attention using the most impactive and intriguing beginning I’ve seen in a long time. The opening narrative is so good, there is no way any hard-core suspense lover can even think about walking away!

In addition to knowing how to set the story up, Triant displays an impressively strong aptitude for driving the story forward. She uses the basic principles of good storytelling. She: (1) keeps the story focussed and simple, (2)engages the readers’ emotions quickly and effectively, and (3)keeps the whole kit and caboodle real and valid. Yes, the plot is twisty and turny, but the goal posts never move. Tibbie Dyer needs to find out why her sister Sandy, a strong and competent swimmer, did not survive a boating accident; she can not move forward with her own life until she does. The story circles this point and draws everyone in from there.

To be clear, A New Life has some mind-bending moments for sure, but Triant sells it flawlessly. Readers become so emotionally entangled with not only the circumstances of Sandy’s death, but the characters involved in the boating accident as well. Shared secrets and complicated bonds seem to be the theme of the day, and Tibbie must sort through it all to find the truth, even if it’s painful. What she learns in those few days with those survivors changes her life in the most profound ways.

Final remarks…

Triant’s writing has been described as fast-paced, emotionally intense, and utterly captivating. I whole-heartedly agree, and Triant does everything right with this one. A New Life is no doubt a fine example of top-tier fiction. Filled with action so engrossing, its scenes jump off the page and leave you reeling. This is a first-rate, non-stop, dramatic suspense thriller from page one and it never taps the brakes. Suspense lovers will want to be a part of this riveting psychological adventure; A New Life should not be missed.


  • Intriguing characters
  • Engaging, full-throttle suspense
  • Well-plotting and well-paced
  • Well-layered and well-written

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