The Last Time We Met

By Maggie Brown and Leni Hanson

The blurb from the publisher…

What if you’re a nerdy med student and a womanizing rock star wants you as her next conquest—then leaves you totally humiliated.

Now fast-forward eleven years.

Sexy and magnetic, Australian rock star Austen Farleigh is at the height of her spectacular career. Her penchant for one-night stands is as famous as her many songs.

American Dr. Merritt Harrington now works for Doctors Without Borders and is at a crossroads in her life. Her last assignment in the Andes Mountains was harrowing, and her love life at a dead end. No one has been able to ignite even a tiny spark since Austen—damn her.

When they meet again in Australia, Merritt is desperate to keep Austen at arm’s length. But temptation whispers in her ear.

From the US to Peru to Australia and the highlands of Papua New Guinea, their desire for one another is on an uncontrollable collision course—with a force they may no longer be able to ignore.

My thoughts…

This fun romance is co-authored by Maggie Brown and Leni Hanson, and the collaboration came about in the most interesting way. Before The Last Time We Met, Hanson had never penned a book and certainly never imagined co-writing one with her favorite author. She was simply happy to be a loyal fan and reader of Brown’s eight novels. However, after reading Playing the Spy, something peculiar happened to Hanson. She became a bit obsessed with Austen Farleigh, one of the supporting characters. She could not stop thinking about the charismatic rock star from Brown’s sixth novel. She felt that there was more to be said about Austen. Hanson felt Austen was just too admirable and compelling to not get her own HEA.

Unable to let go of this fascination with Austen, Hanson finally wrote to Brown. She needed to know if Brown had any future plans for Austen. Eventually, Brown replied to Hanson and the two began a correspondence. They exchanged emails and began a dialog about Austen. Brown asked Hanson who she thought Austen should fall in love with and Hanson didn’t hesitate to volunteer several ideas. This email exchange ultimately resulted in Brown inviting Hanson to collaborate with her to write a HEA for Austen, one which resulted in creating a compassionate and caring doctor named Merritt Harrington as Austen’s love interest.

This uniquely formed duo proved to be quite capable, for sure. Austen and Merritt’s romance is engaging and enjoyable. It’s perfect for readers that love stories set in a world of power and glamor. There is no limit to the passion between the two leads; their chemistry is hot and heavy. Though Brown and Hanson throw in a few shocking and suspenseful plot twists, readers can fully expect this larger than life tale to be 100% hot and sexy.

Along with the passion and romance, readers will find themselves fascinated and intrigued by the sub-plot involving Merritt’s work with Doctors Without Borders. It is no doubt compelling and exciting. The rich, complex details lend itself to fascinating and dynamic storytelling. I especially enjoyed it; it added quite a bit of interest and dimension to the story.

Final remarks…

If you are one to enjoy grand romances rich in drama and passion, then The Last Time We Met is a good contender for your reading pile. It’s sub-plots of family drama, political power and medical emergencies make this an entertaining and enjoyable read. With its captivating and sexy women, this story is the ultimate escape.


  • Passionate
  • Sexy
  • Larger than life romance
  • Surprising twist
  • Interesting medical sub-plot

This book is available from…

Available formats…

  • Paperback
  • Ebook

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